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Using notebooks help you stay organized and easily refer to your notes of the same topic. Below are some quick ways you can use to reorganize your notes into different notebooks.

You may do so by clicking the Notebook icon at the bottom left of your note editor and selecting the notebooks you want to add your notes to.

If you want to remove your note from the current notebook, you can untick the current notebook from the list of notebook in the pop up. …

The table of contents is a new feature in UpNote 4.3.2 (Mac and Windows) that gives you an overview of the note’s structure and help you easily navigate to each section in your note.

The Table of Contents displays your note’s headings in a hierarchical order. You may click on each heading to go to their section in your note.

To view your note’s Table of Contents, click on the info icon at the bottom right corner of your note editor. You may toggle this panel with the shortcut Cmd + Shift + I .

The information panel is newly introduced in UpNote 4.3.2 which gives users an overview of a note’s info in a structural order. There are 4 sections in the panel, you may collapse or expand each section according to your needs.

  • Info: showing a note’s creation and updated date.
  • Word count: showing a note’s character, word, sentence and paragraph counter.
  • Links to this note: showing all the notes with links to the current notes . See this for more info about bi-directional linking in UpNote. (This section will not be shown if your note doesn’t have any backlink)
  • Table of contents

Whenever you want to do a backup or share your notes in a certain format, you can easily export your notes from UpNote.

To export a note, click on the ... icon at the top bar of your note editor, then select Export . You may also use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + E to export your currently selected note.

You will then see various exporting options: to Text, HTML, PDF or Markdown.

You can customize a variety of typography options to make writing in UpNote more pleasant.

On desktop, go to Settings > Editor and you will see the options for fonts, font size, line spacing and paragraph spacing there.

On mobile, go to Settings > Display & Typography > Typography

There are 13 fonts you can choose in UpNote, in the following categories:

  • Serif: Literata, Georgia, Times New Roman
  • San-serif: System, Avenir Next, Helvetica Neue, Muli, Apple SD Gothic Neo, Verdana, Arial
  • Monospaced: Courier, Source Code Pro

In this latest version (4.1.2), we have also made a little improvement to set…

Do you know that UpNote has a Typewriter mode? When enabled, it will keep the line you are typing at the center of the screen. This is especially useful when you write or edit a long note and prefer to keep your eye at the middle of the screen, instead of the bottom.

To turn this mode on, you can go to Settings > Editor > Typewrite Mode as below:

We have received many requests for searching within a note. And it’s now available on the latest version on Mac and Windows (4.0.1).

To search within a note, you can click on ... button and select Search this note. You may also use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + F to activate this search.

Simply type in the phrase or words you want to search and hit Enter to go to the next instance.

Hi Cameron, thanks for asking. Exporting multiple notes is available on desktop app. Please hold Cmd/Ctrl key while click on multiple notes to select them. You will then see an option to export notes on the right panel. If you want to export the entire notebook, please select a notebook and a note inside then press Cmd/Ctrl + A to select all notes in the notebook.

Hope that helps. If you need any other support please feel free to let us know :)

Do you know your notes in UpNote can be linked together, so you can easily have a cross reference between notes, or make your notes like a personal wiki?

To refer to another note, simply type [[ and you can select the note you want to refer to. You may start typing a few letters of the note title and the list will filter the relevant note result for you to choose from. Find the note you want and hit Enter to insert the note link.

If you want to insert a note which doesn’t exist yet, simply type the…

Markdown has become popular nowadays, especially among developers. It helps you format the note easily without having to write bloated HTML code. Inspired by Markdown, UpNote supports a lot of shortcuts that helps you format the note quickly. If you already know Markdown syntax, you will feel at home.

To create a heading, add number signs # in front of a word or phrase, followed by a space. The number of number signs you use should correspond to the heading level.

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
##### Heading 5
###### Heading 6



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